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Inflamed acne, particularly the large, deep ones, or those that have been squeezed, may leave scars after the inflammation has settled. In Asian skin, pimples often leave red, red-brown, or brown marks after they have flattened out. These are not true scars and will fade in time. However, if you would like some help to speed up their disappearance, or have persistent marks after many months, then Dr Wong may prescribe some creams or treatment to assist in faster recovery.
True scars may be excessive and protruberant, such as keloid scars, or sunken such as ice-pick, fibrotic or box-car scars. Keloid scars are most often found on the chest, and sometimes at the jawline or cheek. They are often firm, raised, pink to red, and may itch or be painful to touch or pressure. They may be effectively treated with a series of injections or a combination of injections and laser or light treatments. However, keloids tend to recur. Treatment may be repeated as and when necessary.
Many treatments are available for sunken or depressed scars, depending on the subtype. These include:
- Subcision
- chemical peels
- filler injections
- non-ablative collagen-stimulating lasers (e.g. Matrix IR)
- MicroLaser Peel™
- Erbium-YAG laser resurfacing
- CO2 fractional ablative resurfacing laser
- eMatrix sublative resurfacing
Acne scar treatment is best started only after acne is well-controlled, with no new outbreaks of acne or acne attack. Sublative or fractional laser surfacing are the preferred option for most, due to good outcomes, low risk, and minimal or no downtime. A combination approach is useful as there are often different types of scars in an individual. Dr Wong will assess your type of scars, your preference and tolerance for social down-time, and advise on the best course of treatment for you.
Introduced in the Summer of 2009, Sublative Rejuvenation™ using eMatrix™ is breaking new grounds in the field of cosmetic medicine. The eMatrix™ treatment is a radically different approach to treating acne scars. As skin absorbs radio frequency energy differently than laser energy, eMatrix™ is able to stimulate the development of healthy new collagen deeper within the skin, while limiting damage to the outer layer of skin. Patients are seeing excellent results, with less risk and less downtime, as well as experiencing benefits in other areas such as skin texture, wrinkles, tightness, skin colour, brightness and pore size. Unlike most laser or plasma resurfacing, the eMatrix™ can be safely used for all types of skin, even darker skin, with very low risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
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